OSHA Compliant Annual Inspections

Servicing Rural Alaska



Our Services

Specializing in Rural Alaska, Complete OSHA Compliant Annual Inspections on all lifting related equipment including but not limited to Cranes, Boomtrucks, Overhead Cranes, Below the Hook Lifting Devices, Aerial Lift's, Forklifts, and more in the construction and general industry fields.   

Our Philosophy

We are committed to provide a professional and unbiased service that enables our clients to have a clear understanding of their equipment from a legal and safety standpoint.

Our Mission

To always excel at efficient inspections that insure the working crew will never be put in harm's way because of unsafe equipment


Certificates Held:

NCCCO Certified Crane Inspector "MCI"

CIC Overhead Crane Inspectors

CIC Rigging Gear Inspectors

CIC Aerial Lift Inspectors

CIC Forklift Inspectors

  Our inspectors are certified and trained in the latest knowledge of OSHA / ANSI laws. Detailed reports are generated including pictures and explanations. Discrepancies include quotes from the applicable standard so that the client understands where they stand.    


 Arctic Lifting Solutions is fully insured meeting your clients most stringent insurance requirements.   

Levels of inspections


  • Level 1 (Law)

Inspect to OSHA 1910/1926 applicable standards.

Inspect to ANSI applicable standards.

Inspect to manufacture's inspection requirements.

  • Level 2 (Voluntary)

Inspect to level 1.

Inspect to latest ANSI applicable standards.

  •  Level 3 (Voluntary)

Inspect to Levels 1 and 2.

Inspect to customs and practices of the industry.